Who We Are

EES Consulting Architects and Engineer’s plc is a private architectural and engineering consultancy established primarily to undertake architectural and engineering consultancy in the building sector. The company was established in November 2012 GC, duly registered at the Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industry Development Bureau. Since then, the company has been aggressively engaged in a number of consulting assignments across the country.

The company works with various government, public and private organizations. As an institution, it must be able to adapt to different contexts in order to meet the needs of equally diverse customers and stakeholders. Such flexibility is necessary in order to keep pace with the constant changes in society that we strive to serve. Therefore, we must respond to changes not only on the supply side of relevant design works, but also on the demand of our esteemed clients. In keeping with this, over the years, we have been working hard to develop and enhance our services to fully meet our clients’ demands. As a result of our genuine commitment to maintaining quality standards in all of the assignments entrusted to us by our clients, our firm has succeeded in standing out as a trustworthy and reliable consultancy firm that has received official recognition and appreciation from major stakeholders in the mixed-use commercial development industry.

Our Values

EES is a professional service organization that maintains public trust.  This obligation is fulfilled by carrying out the duties that are part of our regular responsibilities. We evaluate our activities on the basis of four fundamental values: cooperation, honesty and integrity, loyalty, independence and confidentiality.

We hope to serve our clients with dignity, distinction, and commitment so that their businesses can be greatly enhanced. Our professional team is motivated by a common objective:  to make EES the leading local provider of professional services in Ethiopia, which is respected by both local and foreign competitors.

Objective of the Company

The company`s goals are to provide consulting services for detailed engineering design (including architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, specification and bill of quantities, 3D rendering and animation, etc.); create the tender document; supervise; and manage contracts; prepare the Cadaster, Base Map, Urban Development, Town Planning, Integrated Master Planning, Structure Planning, Urban-Rural-Regional Planning, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Infrastructure Development with favorable business endeavors in sensible time outlines, with quality to the fulfillment of its clients.

EES Consulting Architects and Engineers staff are recognizable with winning worldwide measures and nearby administrative codes. The instructive scholarly foundation and the proficient aptitudes obtained from encounter being multi-disciplinary have given the firm with a coordinate and expanded asset empowering it to receive the client’s venture necessities from the begin, analyzing and creating arrangements to those necessities productively.

Our Mission

EES Consulting Architects and Engineers understand the importance of standardization in facilitating change and adaptability. Our mission focuses on these key points:


We consider the entire ecosystem of the city or site, including social, environmental, and economical factors. Lorem ipsum dolor


We understand that cities and communities evolve through time, and projects should be able to accommodate changes. Lorem ipsum


we aim to create urban spaces that meets the needs and desires of the market. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing


EES consulting Architects and Engineers have a unique perspective on the concept of space. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur

Our main Aim

Sincerely, by offering our clients distinguished, honorable, and committed service, we hope to significantly impact their businesses.

Our Best practices

Under the direction of a senior professional architect, EES oversees the projects of its clients using qualified, professional architects, structural engineers, sanitary and mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, IT specialists, contract administrators, quantity surveyors, land surveyors, and experts in artistic design.

We create buildings that function well on all levels, both inside and outside, by collaborating with our clients, communities, and end users. We constantly provide them with high-quality services throughout our international markets.

Our Goals

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EES consulting and engineers approached this project by conducting extensive research on market trends and future projections for the area.


Based on research, the architects and engineers design the projects with flexible spaces that can be easily repurposed or adapted to different uses.

Personal Modifications

The resident units are designed with open floor plans and flexible layouts, allowing easy modification or addtion int he future.


EES Consulting and Engineers incorporated a high level od standardization in the design and construction process.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Addis Ababa City Administration Mega Projects Construction Office

The team EES Architects and Engineer’s firm has done an outstanding service and they are highly qualified and experienced. Their attention and quick understanding of the project objectives were tremendously valuable for the project.

Huajian International Light Industry City (Ethiopian) PLC

We are extremely satisfied with he results achieved with the highly professional and dedicated support of EES. The company has offered advices and reliable and financially visible solutions for every issue concerning the construction process.

Wegagen Bank

The team EES Architects and Engineer’s firm has done an outstanding service. Considering that EES Consulting has already completed at the highest quality of standards the whole design respecting the time and budget constraints, we will definitely continue in collaboration with the firm.

City Government of Addis Ababa Construction Bureau

On Behalf of Addis Zoo, I thank them for their elegant performance in our projects, The company were assigned for the two projects: factory and office building. And they delivered high standard work within the specified time and budget. 

Partners and Clients

Working with us will allow you to relax in the knowledge that your dream project will be managed by an accredited and insured building and architectural firm.

Wegagen Bank

City Government of Addis Ababa Construction Bureau

Huajian International Light Industry City (Ethiopian) PLC

Addis Ababa City Administration Mega Projects Construction Office

Assosa University

Estifanos Mekasha Amare

Addis Ababa City Administration

Embassy of France in Ethiopia

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