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About Our

About the Firm

EES Architects is an Addis Ababa-based design practice founded on the ideas that buildings can serve as a bridge between the environment, urbanity and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives. Led by professional architects, the firm’s work can be found all over Ethiopia, with projects as wide ranging as high rises, homes, academic, cultural and civic projects, factory and commercial design, urban design and interior design, buildings & real estate, industry & manufacturing and also energy & infrastructure.

Our values

As a professional services firm; EES is a custodian of public trust. We uphold this responsibility through actions embedded in our day to day duties. Honesty and integrity, confidentiality and independence, team spirit, commitment to one another are core guides to evaluate our actions.

We have a strong desire to serve our clients with respect, distinction and dedication to make tangible impact to their business.

We are a team of professionals motivated for a common aspiration – to make EES the best local professional services firm in Ethiopia recognized by our local and global competitors in the profession.

Objective of the Firm

The objective of our company is to give different kinds of consulting services in the area of Detail Engineering Design (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Specification and Bill of Quantity, 3D Rendering & Animation, and so on) in addition to this we participate in Preparation of tender document, Supervision, Contract Administration, Preparation of Cadaster, Base Map, Urban Development, Town planning, Integrated Master Planning, Structure Planning, Local Development Plan, Land & House Coding & Registration, Urban-Rural-Regional Planning, Landscape Design, Interior Design,  Infrastructure Development, and Environmental Study with favorable business undertaking within acceptable time limits, with quality to the satisfaction of our clients.

years in service


Eyob Tesfaye

CEO / Practicing Architect

Sofoniyas Bezabieh

Senior Structural Engineer

Fanuel Tefera

Deputy Manager & Contract Administrator

Henok Zergaw

Senior Sanitary Engineer



17 Niged Plc

"It’s amazing teams of experts who have the knowledge, sense of ownership and collaborative in every challenge we have faced. We are looking for working with EES Consulting Architects & Engineers. "

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"The best Architectural firms in the the country. They have everything it takes to give you a solution in all aspects of the projects from the start to completion. I am happy the service I got but most importantly we are now a family.

Thank you!! "

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Ato Kebede

"If you have a plan to construct any building I advise you visit EES Consulting Architects and Engineers. I guaranty you you will not be disappointed. It was fascinating time we had despite so many challenges we faced during the projects thanks to EES teams they give us a very engineering solution we passed all the difficulty and our building is now on the business. "

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እነ ቅድስት

"ከናንተ ጋር በመስራታችን እጅግ ደስተኞች ነን የእውነትም ትክክለኛ አማካሪ ምሆናችሁን መመስከር እንችላለን በቀጣይ ለሚኖሩን ሥራዎች አብረን ለመስራትና በጋራ ለመሥራት እናስባለን "

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